Wed 23:06Oceanographic/ResearchDETECTER depLiv-Burbo-Liv
Wed 22:59Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSTENA MERSEY depBelfast
Wed 22:45Ro-RoSTENA PRECISION arrBel-Birkenhead-Belf
Wed 22:30Passenger/FerryEUROPEAN ENDEAVOUR arrLiv Dub Liv
Wed 22:27Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBANK depDub-Liv-Dub
Wed 22:11RAZORBILL arrUnknown
Wed 21:09TankerMERSEY SPIRIT depFishguard
Wed 20:15RAZORBILL depUnknown
Wed 20:05Container ShipPHILEMON depEsbio
Wed 19:33Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipMANANNAN depDouglas
Wed 19:23Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSEATRUCK PACE depDublin
Wed 18:13Windfarm service vesselNJORD ALPHA depLiv - Burbo Bank
Wed 17:56PETREL arr
Wed 17:49Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSTENA MERSEY arrLiverpool
Wed 17:44General Cargo ShipNJORD KITTIWAKE arrLiv>Burbobank >Liv
Wed 17:29Windfarm service vesselNJORD ALPHA arrLiv - Burbo Bank
Wed 17:06Chemical/Oil TankerBRENTHOLMEN depGbeat>Gbsow
Wed 17:05Container ShipMEANDI arrGbliv
Wed 17:03RAZORBILL arrUnknown
Wed 17:01General Cargo ShipLYRA depLondonderry
Wed 16:58Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipMANANNAN arrLiverpool
Wed 16:38PETREL dep
Wed 16:32NJORD MAGNI arrLiverool-Burb Bnk,
Wed 16:23TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Wed 16:14Training VessellPELICAN OF LONDON depDublin
Wed 16:01General Cargo ShipPEAK ANTWERPEN depGb Lol
Wed 15:47Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBANK arrDub-Liv-Dub
Wed 15:30General Cargo ShipBITFJORD depGb Eam>Ie Dub
Wed 15:24RAZORBILL depUnknown
Wed 15:20TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Wed 15:08PlatformWIND arrGladstone Liv
Wed 14:56Oil Products TankerSARNIA LIBERTY arrGbiow Gbsow
Wed 14:49Survey Dive VesselKATABATIC arrLiverpool
Wed 14:48PORTH WEN depSurvey
Wed 14:35Chemical/Oil TankerEMMY SCHULTE arrEastham
Wed 14:12Chemical / Oil Products TankerSTEN FRIGG arrStanlow
Wed 14:11TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Wed 14:10Survey Dive VesselKATABATIC depLiverpool
Wed 14:08PETREL arr
Wed 13:28Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSEATRUCK PACE arrLiverpool
Wed 13:24PORTH WEN depSurvey
Wed 13:05Stone dumping pontoonATLANTIS arrOff Liverpool
Wed 13:05TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Wed 12:56PETREL dep
Wed 12:53PORTH WEN arrSurvey
Wed 12:17Oceanographic/ResearchDETECTER arrLiv-Burbo-Liv
Wed 12:13RAZORBILL arrUnknown
Wed 12:02TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Wed 11:17RAZORBILL depUnknown
Wed 11:16Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBAY depLiv/Dub/Liv
Wed 10:57TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Wed 10:51Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSTENA LAGAN depBelfast
Wed 10:34Ro-RoSEATRUCK POWER depDublin
Wed 10:18PORTH WEN depSurvey
Wed 09:47Windfarm service vesselNJORD ALPHA depLiv - Burbo Bank
Wed 09:44TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Wed 08:46General Cargo ShipNJORD KITTIWAKE depLiv>Burbobank >Liv
Wed 08:37TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Wed 07:33PETREL arr
Wed 07:31NJORD MAGNI depLiverool-Burb Bnk,
Wed 07:20TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Wed 06:59Windfarm service vesselNJORD ALPHA arrLiv - Burbo Bank
Wed 06:48Container ShipICE RUNNER depGreenock-Pec1497
Wed 06:43Ro-RoCLIPPER RANGER depDublin
Wed 06:11TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Wed 05:55Windfarm service vesselNJORD ALPHA depLiv - Burbo Bank
Wed 05:41Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSTENA LAGAN arrBirkenhead
Wed 05:27RAZORBILL arrUnknown
Wed 05:20PETREL dep
Wed 05:03Windfarm service vesselNJORD ALPHA arrLiv - Burbo Bank
Wed 05:03Container ShipDEMETER depPortbury
Wed 05:00Passenger/FerryEUROPEAN ENDEAVOUR depLiv Dub Liv
Wed 04:59TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Wed 04:32Ro-RoSEATRUCK POWER arrLiverpool
Wed 04:28General Cargo ShipARKONIA depDrogheda
Wed 04:27Chemical / Oil Products TankerPATANI depNlrtm
Wed 04:08Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBAY arrLiv/Dub/Liv
Wed 04:03RAZORBILL depUnknown
Wed 03:56Ro-RoSTENA PRECISION depBel-Birkenhead-Belf
Wed 03:52Chemical TankerM/T KEEWHIT depHolyhead
Wed 03:43General Cargo ShipANNA G depGb Bel
Wed 03:26TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Wed 03:17General Cargo ShipLISA depDrogheda
Wed 02:50Svitzer Marine TugSVITZER STANLOW arr
Wed 02:50Crude Oil TankerZARIFA ALIYEVA arrGb Tra
Wed 02:29RAZORBILL arrUnknown
Wed 02:27TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Wed 02:26General Cargo ShipPEAK ANTWERPEN arrGb Ell
Wed 01:36General Cargo ShipARKLOW CLIFF depWarrenpoint
Wed 01:26Svitzer Marine TugSVITZER STANLOW dep
Wed 01:25TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Wed 01:24Container ShipPHILEMON arrGbliv
Wed 01:03PETREL arr
Wed 00:52RAZORBILL depUnknown
Wed 00:30Ro-RoCLIPPER RANGER arrLiverpool
Wed 00:20TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
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