Tue 23:51KITTIWAKE depUnknown
Tue 23:50Fishing ShipSALT ISLAND arrLlandduas
Tue 23:38GRUMPY depLiverpool
Tue 23:07GRUMPY depLiverpool
Tue 23:01SKUA dep
Tue 22:55TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 22:26TugSMIT BELGIE dep
Tue 22:24TugZEEBRUGGE depLiverpool
Tue 22:20Container ShipMSC EYRA arrLiverpool,UK
Tue 22:05Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSTENA MERSEY depBelfast
Tue 21:51TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 21:42Ro-RoSTENA PRECISION arrBel-Birk-Bel
Tue 21:39KITTIWAKE arrUnknown
Tue 21:27Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBAY depLiv/Dub/Liv
Tue 20:58Passenger/FerryEUROPEAN ENDEAVOUR arrLiv Dub Liv
Tue 20:39TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 20:35KITTIWAKE depUnknown
Tue 19:21TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 18:50TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 18:47LYDIA D depLiverpool
Tue 18:38Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipMANANNAN depDouglas
Tue 18:34Hopper DredgerCITY OF CARDIFF depHoyle Da
Tue 18:28Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSEATRUCK PACE depDublin
Tue 18:19General Cargo ShipNJORD KITTIWAKE arrLiv>Burbobank >Liv
Tue 18:02Chemical TankerM/T KEEWHIT depHolyhead
Tue 17:58TankerMERSEY SPIRIT depFishguard
Tue 17:42SKUA arr
Tue 17:03TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 16:43SKUA dep
Tue 16:39Container ShipPHILEMON depGbtil
Tue 16:38Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSTENA MERSEY arrLiverpool
Tue 16:17Hydrographic Survey VesselROYAL CHARTER arr
Tue 16:13NJORD MAGNI arrLiverool-Burb Bnk,
Tue 16:06Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipMANANNAN arrLiverpool
Tue 16:04TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 15:29TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 15:18GRUMPY arrLiverpool
Tue 14:57TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 14:45Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBAY arrLiv/Dub/Liv
Tue 14:34SKUA arr
Tue 14:24TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 14:13GRUMPY depLiverpool
Tue 13:49TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 13:31Chemical/Oil TankerVESTHOLMEN depIt Goa
Tue 13:13TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 13:07KITTIWAKE arrUnknown
Tue 12:58SKUA dep
Tue 12:47Chemical/Oil TankerPACIFIC arrLiverpool
Tue 12:45Chemical / Oil Products TankerSTEN FRIGG depAmsterdam
Tue 12:27Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSEATRUCK PACE arrLiverpool
Tue 12:24TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Tue 12:09General Cargo ShipCATHY JO depBelfast
Tue 11:39GRUMPY arrLiverpool
Tue 11:28VANISHING POINT 2 arrLiverpool
Tue 11:20TugSMIT BELGIE dep
Tue 11:10PlatformWIND arrLangton Lock
Tue 11:07STENAWECO EXCELLENCE arrLiverpool,U.K.
Tue 10:56KITTIWAKE depUnknown
Tue 10:55VANISHING POINT 2 depLiverpool
Tue 10:52SKUA arr
Tue 10:45GRUMPY depLiverpool
Tue 10:40TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Tue 10:25YachtBONNIE KATE arrUnknown
Tue 10:07TugMILLGARTH depLiverpool
Tue 10:02Ro-RoSEATRUCK POWER depDublin
Tue 09:55Container ShipARA ATLANTIS arrGbliv
Tue 09:49Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSTENA LAGAN depBelfast
Tue 09:31SKUA dep
Tue 09:21PORTH WEN arrSurvey
Tue 09:20Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBANK depDub-Liv-Dub
Tue 09:20KITTIWAKE arrUnknown
Tue 09:03TugIGUAZU depLiverpool
Tue 08:19TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 08:10KITTIWAKE depUnknown
Tue 07:15PORTH WEN depSurvey
Tue 06:50General Cargo ShipNJORD KITTIWAKE depLiv>Burbobank >Liv
Tue 06:44TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 06:42Hydrographic Survey VesselROYAL CHARTER dep
Tue 06:32TankerMERSEY SPIRIT arrLiverpool
Tue 06:21NJORD MAGNI depLiverool-Burb Bnk,
Tue 06:03TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 05:15TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 04:43Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSTENA LAGAN arrBirkenhead
Tue 04:37TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 03:58TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 03:37Ro-RoCLIPPER RANGER depDublin
Tue 03:36Ro-RoSEATRUCK POWER arrLiverpool
Tue 03:18TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 03:07Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBANK arrDub-Liv-Dub
Tue 03:05Passenger/FerryEUROPEAN ENDEAVOUR depLiv Dub Liv
Tue 02:36TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 02:22Ro-RoSTENA PRECISION depBel-Birk-Bel
Tue 02:07KITTIWAKE arrUnknown
Tue 01:53TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 01:20KITTIWAKE depUnknown
Tue 01:13TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 01:10General Cargo ShipARKLOW FERN depRouen
Tue 01:09General Cargo ShipSEA HARMONY arrEllesmere
Tue 00:30General Cargo ShipHENDRIK-S arrGbrun
Tue 00:30KITTIWAKE arrUnknown
Tue 00:23GRUMPY arrLiverpool
Tue 00:13VANISHING POINT 2 arrLiverpool
Tue 00:04TugIGUAZU arrLiverpool
Tue 00:00Fishing ShipSALT ISLAND depLlandduas
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