Thu 23:45General Cargo ShipFEED HELGELAND depBelfast
Thu 23:38GANNET depLiverpool Pilot Ops
Thu 23:34Chemical/Oil TankerANHOUT SWAN arrGbrun
Thu 23:30General Cargo ShipSWAMI depIelmk
Thu 23:12General Cargo ShipCALYPSO arrGbgtn
Thu 23:00TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 22:57PETREL arr
Thu 22:32Ro-Ro Passenger ShipSTENA EDDA depBirkenhead<>Belfast
Thu 22:07TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 22:05Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSEATRUCK PACE arrLiverpool
Thu 21:56Ro-RoSEATRUCK PROGRESS depDublin
Thu 21:50Ro-RoSTENA FORETELLER arrGbbrk
Thu 21:47PETREL dep
Thu 21:44Ro-RoSTENA FORECASTER depGbliv Iedub Gbliv
Thu 21:42Ro-Ro Cargo ShipVICTORINE arrLiverpool
Thu 21:42GANNET arrLiverpool Pilot Ops
Thu 21:04TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 21:01Ro-Ro Cargo ShipCLIPPER PENNANT arrGbliv
Thu 20:22GANNET depLiverpool Pilot Ops
Thu 20:10TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 18:27Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipMANANNAN depDouglas
Thu 18:24TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 17:54TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 16:48TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 16:47Ro-Ro Passenger ShipSTENA EDDA arrBirkenhead<>Belfast
Thu 16:17TugIGUAZU depGb Liverpool
Thu 16:07Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipMANANNAN arrLiverpool
Thu 15:59Ro-RoSEATRUCK PROGRESS arrLiverpool
Thu 14:58PETREL arr
Thu 14:49Ro-RoSTENA FORECASTER arrGbliv Iedub Gbliv
Thu 14:38Cruise ShipVASCO DA GAMA arrLiverpool
Thu 13:58Cruise ShipCELEBRITY SILHOUETTE depBelfast
Thu 12:57PETREL dep
Thu 12:53Chemical / Oil Products TankerSTEN SUOMI depGbmlf
Thu 11:56Crude Oil TankerFURE VEN arrStanlow
Thu 11:12PETREL arr
Thu 11:02Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBANK depIedub<>Gbliv<>Iedub
Thu 10:46General Cargo ShipSTENA EMBLA depBelfast
Thu 10:40BulkerAMSTEL LION arrGb Liv
Thu 10:35General Cargo ShipVERENA arrGbbrk
Thu 10:18Container ShipNAAMA BORCHARD depLeixoes
Thu 09:58General Cargo ShipARKLOW FLAIR arrGbliv
Thu 09:56Ro-RoSEATRUCK POWER depDublin
Thu 09:41Crude Oil TankerNS CONCORD depGb Tra ==> Ru Pri
Thu 09:00TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 08:39PETREL dep
Thu 08:17TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 07:23TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 05:34TugIGUAZU arrGb Liverpool
Thu 05:03TugIGUAZU depGb Liverpool
Thu 04:37General Cargo ShipSTENA EMBLA arrBirkenhead
Thu 04:07Ro-Ro Cargo ShipSEATRUCK PACE depDublin
Thu 04:04Cruise ShipCELEBRITY SILHOUETTE arrLiverpool
Thu 04:01GANNET arrLiverpool Pilot Ops
Thu 03:39Ro-RoSEATRUCK POWER arrLiverpool
Thu 03:20Passenger / Ro-Ro Cargo ShipNORBANK arrIedub<>Gbliv<>Iedub
Thu 03:12Ro-Ro Cargo ShipCLIPPER PENNANT depIedub
Thu 03:03Ro-RoSTENA FORETELLER depGbbel
Thu 02:30GANNET depLiverpool Pilot Ops
Thu 02:09PETREL arr
Thu 01:19Container ShipELBSUN depGbbrs
Thu 01:05Cable ShipCS RECORDER arrLiverpool
Thu 00:24Crude Oil TankerANDREA D depEssci
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